Bullying and Young Members

Conference notes with great concern the high number of our young members experiencing bullying and harassment within workplaces. In a recent survey conducted by the Scottish Young Members Committee it was found that 75% of our young members had experienced bullying and harassment of some variety. 7% of the 75% had experienced violence in the […]

Women, the refugee crisis and trafficking

The government’s Immigration Bill is a draconian piece of legislation designed to criminalise and stigmatise immigrants and undocumented people. It is part of a wider, ongoing government attempt to appear tough on immigration to an increasingly sceptical public. While millions of people were moved after seeing the washed up body of three year old Aylan […]

Supporting our activists who have to deal with stressful situations

Conference notes that being a trade union activist has always been difficult and stressful as we regularly deal with members who face difficult and challenging situations. Conference further notes things have got much tougher in recent times with the pressures of dealing with the impact of austerity on our members, service users and our union. […]

New Local Government Pensions Scheme Investment Regulations and Asset Pooling

Conference welcomes the national UNISON briefing of January 2016 – New Local Government Pensions Scheme Investment Regulations and Asset Pooling. In particular, Conference believes that local government pension funds must be able to decide where to invest their money in the best interests of present and future pensioners, and should not have their investment decisions […]

Rule D Regional Structure

Rule D 3.6.5 Add at the end: “(unless the Service Group Executive representatives are also branch delegates).”

Public Ownership of Energy utilities

Conference believes: 1)The changes within the Labour Party since the leadership election in 2015 indicate a welcome move towards UNISON’s long-held view that the Energy Industry should be brought back into public ownership; 2)There is now a golden opportunity to provide support and information to help consolidate this view within the labour movement; 3)The research […]

An Organising Response To The Trade Union Bill

Conference believes that the Trade Union Bill is best understood as a political attack on trade unionism. All unions will be affected by restrictions on their ability to undertake industrial action and political campaign activity, and will be subject to greater scrutiny by the Certification Officer. Public sector trade unionism will be especially hard hit […]

Organising for Growth in the Community and Voluntary Sector

Conference notes that the Community and Voluntary sector is a growing a part of the delivery of public services. Conference notes that many employers in this sector have little track record or culture in dealing with trade unions. As a consequence there are many instances where employees suffer from poor terms and conditions of employment […]

Campaign for a Living Pension

Elderly and retired people deserve to have a decent state pension. Conference asserts that the state pension is not a benefit but is ours by right. Conference believes that older people are being hit particularly hard by current austerity measures. The basic State Retirement Pension which for many from April, 2016 will be £119.30 (for […]

Fuel Poverty – The Cold Truth

Conference notes that in 2010 the winter fuel allowance was reduced by 25% for people for people aged over 80 and by 33% for people under 80 years of age. Furthermore the reduced payment has been frozen since that time. Conference further notes that: 1)To mark Fuel Poverty Awareness Day (27 February) the National Energy […]

Branch Self Organised Groups

Conference celebrates the fact the since the birth of UNISON self-organisation has had an essential and continuing role in the development and participation of Black, Women, Disabled people and Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender members. However, many of UNISON branches do not have their own local Self Organised Group (SOGs). One of the barriers to […]

Housing Crisis

Conference notes that the UK faces an acute housing shortage, particularly in the South East of England, but also impacting in a significant way on many other parts of the country. This has led to rising housing costs which are unaffordable to many, leading to both housing and social problems: 1) House prices in the […]

Social Care Crisis

Conference notes with concern the continuing pressures on council-funded social care services. Conference believes there is a serious crisis in social care in the UK. This crisis has been developing for a few years and is reaching a critical point. We believe that this crisis is affecting all areas of social care, with children’s social […]


Conference notes that the peace talks between the government of Colombian and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) which began in 2012 are likely to be concluded in 2016. Conference joins with the Colombian trade union movement and civil society in supporting the peace process. However, like them we share the concern that lasting […]

EU Trade Agreements

Conference notes that negotiations are continuing on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) and the Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA) whilst ratification process of the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) is likely to start this year. Conference notes that the trade agreements will have a huge impact on future global trade and investment […]