Protecting National Collective Bargaining for the National Probation Service and Community Rehabilitation Companies

Conference notes with concern the threat to the future of the National Negotiating Council (NNC) for the Probation Service. The NNC was created in its current form in 2000 to cover the amalgamation of probation boards and the creation of a single-table bargaining machinery for all probation staff. Since that date, the NNC has been […]

Protecting UNISON members in the Community Rehabilitation Companies

Conference notes that on 1 June 2014, 8,000 former Probation Trust staff were transferred from the outgoing Probation Trusts to one of the 21 new Community Rehabilitation Companies (CRCs) as a result of the government’s misguided Transforming Rehabilitation reforms. On 1 February 2015, the CRCs were sold into private ownership by the Ministry of Justice. […]

Protecting UNISON Members in the National Probation Service

Conference notes that the National Probation Service (NPS) has embarked on its E3 programme to review and reform the delivery of probation services which it inherited from the 35 former Probation Trusts on 1 June 2014. The purpose of E3 is to design a new operating model for the NPS in the following areas of […]

Future of Police Force Structures in England and Wales

Conference recognises that the next five years will likely see changes to the structure of police forces in England and Wales. Although the Conservative government claims to have no plans to create force mergers, the onward march of collaboration and the ongoing bite of austerity cuts, which are expected to be no less than were […]

Co-ordination of Pay Claims for all Police Staff in England and Wales

Conference notes that UNISON represents members working for police forces in England and Wales whose annual pay award is not decided by negotiations at the Police Staff Council for England and Wales. These members include: a)Police staff working for forces which are currently opted out of the Police Staff Council, namely: Kent Police, Surrey Police […]

Police Force Alliances and Shared services – Learning the Lessons

Conference notes that in 2013 MP Damien Green spoke to the delegates at Police and Justice Conference and spoke about the great alliance going on between West Mercia and Warwickshire Police. As was pointed out the great success he was celebrating was not as great as he was trying to convince us. Not only had […]

Opposing the Collaboration of Force Control Rooms

Conference recognises the desperate cost saving initiatives forces are considering to meet the brutal funding gap imposed through the Governments comprehensive spending reviews. The service cuts being imposed on an already decimated police service are putting our members and the wider public’s lives at risk. The recent attempt to collaborate the Norfolk and Suffolk control […]

Opposing the Closure of Public Access Points at Police Stations

Conference recognises the unsavoury and unpopular cost saving decisions that Police Forces are considering to meet the ruthless funding gap imposed through the comprehensive spending reviews which are being continued by this government. The service cuts are putting the public, our members’ lives and their families at risk. The local Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs) […]

National Police Air Support

Conference notes that the recent restructure proposed for the National Air Support service agreed by National Police Chiefs Council (NPCC) formerly known as ACPO. Conference believes this is also supported by the North West Lead PCC. The new structure clearly shows a North/South divide on future provision in this key area of policing. We believe […]

Regional Devolution – The Implications for Police

Conference will be aware that Regional devolution in the North West will be a testing ground for future public sector provision as the funding changes and commissioning responsibilities involved in these new arrangements are put into practice. Devolution in the context of austerity and ever tightening budgets creates a significant concern that there is a […]


Conference notes that over the last few years it has been evident that the Police Service of Scotland is reducing public services through the closure and centralisation of localised contact, command, control centres, the custody estate and the implementation of a centralised computer system (i6). This has resulted in the collapse of contact, command and […]


The formation of the Police Service of Scotland by the Scottish Government in their Police and Fire Reform Act (2012) has left the service unable to recover VAT. HM Treasury has made a decision to not allow the Scottish Police or Fire & Rescue services to reclaim VAT due to the construction of that Act […]

Retention of Police Staff Jobs

In light of the disastrous election result in May and the resulting announcements that further cuts will be made to public services including Police and Probation. Theresa May has clearly stated in her speech to the Police Federation on May 20th “there is no ducking the fact that police spending will have to come down […]

Loss of Localism

Conference recognises that due to collaboration between Forces there is a loss of local knowledge and understanding of the demographics of the different counties. The importance of local policing, which builds strong links with all types of communities, is being eroded rapidly and the void is difficult to fill due to the loss of staff […]

College of policing

Conference notes with concern that work being undertaken by the College Of Policing is failing to take into consideration the needs and concerns of Police Staff. Conference therefore calls upon the Service Group Executive to review its interaction and representation at the College. The purpose of this review will be to improve relations with the […]