Out Of Many We Are One – Hope for Real Independance and LGBT Equality in Jamaica

Conference welcomes the election of Portia Simpson Miller as the first woman prime minister of Jamaica and celebrates the 50th Year of Jamaican Independence. Conference notes that Jamaica’s last prime minister had said he would not allow any homosexuals to serve in his cabinet. But Portia Simpson Miller said in a national TV debate in […]

Stop the Deportation of Overseas Students from the London Metropolitan University

Conference is appalled at the Coalition Government’s attack on international students with a move to deport more than 2,600 students currently studying at London Metropolitan University. The University’s licence to teach and recruit students from outside of the European Union was revoked on 29th August 2012, which means that these students most of which are […]

Black Members Representation at UNISON Conferences

Conference is concerned about the lack of visibility and representation of Black members at the National Delegate Conference and Service Group Conferences. Each year delegates and visitors are required to complete the proportionality and fair representation forms at conference. However, the information does not appear to filter down to regions and branches with regards to […]

Black Men and Prostrate Cancer

Conference is alarmed that figures show that Black men living in England have a three times higher risk of prostate cancer than white men. A study of all cases in London and Bristol has also found that Black men also tend to be diagnosed five years younger. Research has found that there are very few […]

Effect of Government’s Austerity Measures on Black People

Conference deplores the devastating impact the Government’s austerity measures are having on Black communities and the most vulnerable groups in the society. Conference notes with concern the severity of this impact on people from the Black community. Research from the Institute for Public Policy and Research shows that unemployment levels for young Black people (age […]

Defining “Black”

Conference understands that UNISON has always used the term “Black” as an inclusive and political term. However, it is also clear that many members do not understand why it is used – particularly when their employer and public bodies may use the term BME. Conference calls on the NBMC to agree a concise definition and […]

Fighting the Far Right

Conference recognises that times of austerity prove a fertile breeding ground for far right rhetoric and feelings. High unemployment and rising costs creates opportunities for the far right to scapegoat minority groups. The rise of the English Defence League and her sister organisations, the Scottish and Welsh Defence Leagues (SDL and WDL) is disheartening and […]

Raising the profile of Black activists

Conference notes the motions carried at 2009 Black Members’ Conference regarding raising the profile of Black activists and increasing the number of Black members involved at branch, regional and national levels within the union. Conference also notes the Leadership School where activists can take steps to develop their leadership skills and take up positions of […]

What next for Equality and Human Rights?

Following the pathetic attempt at consultation employed by the Tory Led UK Government on the future of the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) this year, it appears that the fate of the EHRC was already in the balance and any support for a National organization that leads on Equality, Diversity, Discrimination and Human Rights […]

Changes in Employment Law

In the light of George Osborne’s speech at the Tory Party Conference 2011 and subsequent proposals made by the Tory led Government regarding fees for Tribunals, Conference notes the particular damage any rise in fees will have for Race Discrimination cases. Conference condemns the Tories claim that these cases are ‘vexatious’ and their attempts to […]

Housing Benefit, Welfare Reform and BME Communities

Conference notes that the Tory Led Coalition is seeking to make major changes to the Welfare Benefit system and that these will have a direct and devastating impact on Black communities. The key changes are:- a. There will be a reduction in the amount of housing benefit awarded to social housing tenants of working age […]

Promoting ‘There4You’ to Black Members

Conference notes that black unemployment is at unacceptable levels and particularly with 44% of the UK’s young black males unemployed (the Guardian, 5 March 2012). According to government statistics (Office for National Statistics), figures show almost 22% youth unemployment for the UK as a whole in March 2012. ‘What is clear is that this recession […]

Black Voter Registration

Conference is concerned that Electoral Registration Commission research shows up to 56% of young people (aged 17 – 24 years), and almost a third of Black people entitled to a vote, are not on the electoral register. Conference believes that political representation is vital if Black people are to be heard in local and national […]

Young Black Members at Conference

Conference believes that national Black members conference provides an excellent opportunity for young Black members to find out more about key issues for Black members; to acquire skills in public speaking and organising around debates; to see Black trade union role models in action; and to be inspired to grow as activists and leaders. Conference […]

Support Democracy Movement – To End Human Rights Abuse in Burma

The British Government’s support for a UN Arms Embargo against Burma and an imposed ban on Burmese Gems, Timber, Metals, and on investments in these sectors, is very welcomed. However, it is time for further sanctions, as it is vital for us to pile up economic and political pressure on the military regime, to start […]