The National Executive Council congratulates those branches and regions that have engaged in successful national and regional organising campaigns and notes that organising must remain central to the work of the union. The National Executive Council further notes that over the past five years the organising approach has led to a significant rise in the […]

The NHS at 60

As the National Health Service prepares to celebrate its 60th birthday in July 2008, conference welcomes the fact that its founding principles remain substantially intact. Despite government policies designed to drive more and more of the health service into private hands, the service is still largely publicly controlled, free at the point of need and […]

Local Services

Conference notes the 2007 Local Government and Public Involvement in Health Act and the subsequent statutory guidance. This institutes new systems of delivering local public services in England affecting our members in Local Government, health, education, policing, transport and other areas. It also affects all our members as local citizens. Conference welcomes the increased co-ordination […]

Challenging Inequality – Enforcing Employment and Trade Union Rights

Conference notes the continuing advances in individual employment rights in the coming years but believes that there are three areas to prioritise in 2008 and 2009: the enforcement of employment rights, the collective rights of trade unions and the achievement of a single equality act. The legal right of agency workers to opt out of […]


Conference notes that fall out from the crisis in the financial sector, internationally and domestically, is leading to reduced predictions of economic growth this year and a possible increase in unemployment. Conference notes that this may put further pressure on public services as tax revenues available for investment are reduced and spending on social security […]

Education and Skills

Conference notes that the Government is implementing the Leitch Review of Skills through new programmes and legislation and significantly increasing the resources for attaining qualifications through workplace training. Conference also notes the Governments ambition to increase opportunities and skills for young people by increasing the age for leaving school or training to first 17 and […]

The Changing Structures of Local Service Provision

Conference notes that the world of local services in England is undergoing major change as a result of recent legislation affecting local government and local public transport. Councils and health trusts, police authorities and youth services, the Environment Agency and passenger transport authorities have to get together to plan, deliver, and monitor and commission services. […]

Vulnerable Migrant Workers

Conference recognises that migration continues to be an important issue in all parts of the UK. Migrant workers make an essential contribution to the delivery of public services and to the overall economic wellbeing of the UK. Yet all too often this contribution is ignored and migrants are scapegoated for inadequate funding and provision of […]

Elder Abuse: Human Rights in Private Care Homes

Conference deplores the decision of the House of Lords in the YL case that human rights legislation does not extend to elderly people in private care homes. This decision was taken despite evidence of human rights abuses such as residents being fed breakfast while seated on the toilet and care home residents not being given […]

Care of Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Children

This Conference notes )the recent publication of ‘Better Outcomes: the way forward – improving the care of unaccompanied asylum seeking children’ by the Borders and Immigration Agency (BIA) which sets out the framework for providing services to unaccompanied asylum seeking children; 2)That unaccompanied asylum-seeking young people arrive in this country separated from their family and […]

Local Area Agreement and the Race Equality Duty

Conference notes the significance attached to Local Area Agreements (LAAs), new ‘partnership’ structures, and the significant role that they are playing in the delivery of public services by bringing together public, private, private and voluntary sectors. Conference believes that this has an impact on Local Government UNISON members working in these sectors. Conference is concerned […]

Local Government/Health Interface

Conference notes continuing moves toward towards increasing integration between health and social care in government policy in England Scotland and Wales. In Northern Ireland health and social care are integrated but are undergoing the upheaval of the ‘super-Trust’ restructuring. The implications of integration are widespread and include the threat of a combined push towards the […]

The ‘Public Sector Worker’

Conference notes that the Local Government Employers have introduced the idea of the ‘Public Sector Worker’ in recent discussion documents. They have suggested that there should be core pay and conditions, providing for equity and protection for employees moving between sectors and in to shared service arrangements. The idea is also being discussed with the […]

Campaigning for a fair deal for LGPS members

Conference notes that Statutory Instrument 2007, number 1166, issued by the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) which outlined the ‘new look’ LGPS, stated that “Administering and employing authorities shall have regard to guidance to be issued by the Secretary of State, before 31 March 2009, as to the manner in which the costs […]


Conference welcomes the Government’s commitment to: 1)Two million new homes by 2016 and three million by 2020; 2)The review of the housing revenue account ‘to ensure that we have a sustainable, long term system for financing council housing’; 3)Recently published figures from Communities and Local Government suggest that over the next 15 years HRA surpluses […]