STPs – The future of the NHS?

Conference notes that despite their often bland phrasing and heavy cosmetic decoration with proposals for improved integration of services, collaboration between providers and with commissioners, and public health measures which we could all endorse, the 44 Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs) in England represent proposals for over £24 billion of cuts, “efficiencies” and “savings” by […]

Dying to work campaign

Conference notes that the Equality Act provides protections against discriminatory treatment based on the concept of Protected Characteristics. Currently workers with a terminal illness are not classified as having a Protected Characteristic and therefore have very limited legal protection against employers dismissing them due to illness. Conference notes that employers are therefore free to dismiss […]

Developing An Organising Branch

Conference recognises the increasingly hostile environment in which UNISON branches are operating. Austerity cuts have reduced the number of activists and put further pressure on facility time; while increased fragmentation of the workforce has made organising more difficult. Meanwhile the need for us to develop an organising approach has never been greater. There is no […]

Pay – Tackling In-Work Poverty

Conference notes research by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation in December 2016 which showed that a record 3.8 million people – one eighth of the workforce – are below the poverty line despite being in work. This means that a shocking total of 7.4 million people, including 2.6 million children, are living in poverty despite being […]

Exiting the EU – A Fair Deal For Workers and Public Services

Conference notes that the triggering of Article 50 in early 2017 is a decision that affects working people, their families and communities in the UK, in the European Union and broader Europe. The Exiting the EU negotiations require that the government both seeks to leave the EU but also negotiates a new relationship and trade […]

Challenging Racism and Xenophobia

Conference is deeply alarmed at the rise in visible, expressed racism over the past year. Across the UK, racist attacks on Black communities and those perceived to be of migrant backgrounds rose dramatically in the aftermath of the EU referendum result. This legitimisation of public displays of prejudice has led to UNISON’s migrant worker members […]

Getting the public on our side – public service campaigning

Close to a decade since the beginning of the global financial crisis, the pressure on public services and those that provide them remains unrelenting. Despite the unprecedented cuts that our members and the communities that they serve have already experienced, a raft of further measures now threaten to push services to breaking point. These include […]

Rule C Becoming a Member

C 5.1 Insert “or by using the prescribed on-line system for joining” after “sign a prescribed form of application for membership” At the end of C 5.1 add “Membership shall commence on the date details of membership are entered into the membership records system.”

Rule M Data Protection Act policy

M 6 Delete existing title and replace with “M6 Data protection” In M 6.2 insert “and requirements” after “data protection principles” Delete existing M 6.4 and replace with: “6.4 a member seeking to enforce his/her rights should address them to the Data Protection Officer. Any such requests that are received by a branch or union […]

Race Inequality in the Workplace

Conference notes that despite efforts to bring further equality into society, evidence shows that Black workers are still being held back in the job market. The amount of Black members holding senior posts still remains low while unemployment amongst Black people remains high, particularly amongst young Black people, and Black workers are also more likely […]

Mental Health Champions

Mental health issues are reported to affect one in three of us throughout our lifetime. Although statistically women are more likely to develop common mental health issues than men it is an issue that impacts all of our members. A recent survey also suggests that there has been a marked increase in mental health issues […]

Tackling Stress

Conference understands the large scale of harm to members caused by work related stress, including sickness and serious illness, and the personal cost to members and their families, and even premature death. The 2016 TUC survey of safety reps confirmed that stress was the biggest health and safety concern and that it is getting worse, […]

The Crisis in Health and Social Care

Conference, there are three areas of concern. The crisis in Social Care, the underfunding of our NHS and decimation of our Community Care services, all combine to create a perfect storm. The scale of the problems now faced by adult social care providers are enormous, and are the direct result of massive Government cuts to […]

An organising strategy for the Social Care workforce

Social care plays a vital and growing role in our society. Yet increasing demand, falling real terms funding, and increasingly complex care needs has put the sector under significant strain. Social Care workers are often the people who are at the sharp end following cuts in public services elsewhere – dealing with clients who cannot […]

Abortion Rights (50th Anniversary of the 1967 Act)

Conference notes that the 1967 Abortion Act will be 50 years old in 2017. Prior to 1967 around 100,000 illegal abortions were carried out each year in Britain and it is estimated that 35.000 women were hospitalised each year due to botched back street abortions. No one really knows how many women actually died, but […]