General secretary’s blog

Dave Prentis is UNISON’s general secretary – the highest elected post in the union. He speaks up for UNISON members, campaigns for public services and leads the union.

Read Dave’s blog for views on issues UNISON is working on and information on what he’s doing.

Blog: Decent quality care is something which benefits the whole community

Care workers provide an exceptional service, so they deserve to be treated with respect. Today’s signing – and every council who signs up to the charter – helps ensure more care workers benefit. And that can only be good for all of us.

Blog: Our union stands against cruel and callous actions of the Israeli government

I’m proud that UNISON is campaigning against the mistreatment of Palestinian child prisoners. I hope you will stand with us as we demand that the UK government speak out and take action to end this gross denial of international law and children’s rights. And we will not stop until the reprehensible and self-defeating punishment of Palestinian children by the Israeli state ends once and for all.

Blog: Universal credit has been a disaster for the poor and vulnerable – it must be halted

It’s difficult to see how Universal Credit can deliver anything but misery. It’s difficult to see how any government – even this one – can justify ploughing on regardless in the face of such overwhelming evidence.

Blog: Democracy, equality, equity and caring for others

Credit unions aren’t about the desperate need to buy now-pay later, whatever the cost – they’re about building and growing our security and our strength. That’s something that unites us, and it’s why our union has always been proud to back credit unions, and always will be.

Blog: UNISON Direct – some of our union’s unsung heroes

They support, they advise and they ensure that every UNISON member reaches the person or people who can help them with any issues they’re facing. Most UNISON members will never need the support that UNISON Direct provide – but for those that do, they provide a real lifeline.

Blog: Getting ready for ‘walk round week’

Growing our union is about ambition, confidence and visibility. UNISON members value us more when they see us regularly – and around the clock – in their workplaces.

Blog: Celebrating the Stars in our Schools

Whether they’re catering staff or teaching assistants, cleaners or administrative workers, without them schools couldn’t open every morning. They deserve our thanks and to know just how valuable their work is to all of us.

Blog: Proud to stand with the Sirona Care workers

This is completely unacceptable. Care workers should be able to focus on delivering compassionate care, and shouldn’t have to worry about losing pay or losing their jobs. Never mind pay cuts, they should be receiving far better pay for the vital work they do – and as vital workers who provide dignity and respect for our loved ones, the very least they deserve is dignity and respect in return from those who pay their wages.

Blog: A great opportunity to thank our whole incredible NHS team

We are proud of all our members, everyday, but One Team week gives us the chance to focus on NHS support staff, make them more visible and show them how much we appreciate what they do. And it’s an opportunity for me – for all of us – to thank them for their incredible work.

Blog: Grovember – let’s grow our union

The bigger we are, the more we can do. Our size is an important part of our strength – and if we make big gains in November that means all UNISON members benefit.

Blog: What this budget proved is that austerity is far from over

Our country deserves better than this. After eight years of letting down public services and our communities, we need a radical Labour government committed to fundamental change in our economy and our society. The Tories, as this budget showed, are capable of nothing more than meddling at the margins.

Blog: Fighting for decent services, decent pay and decent jobs in Somerset

Together, we will fight for decent services, decent pay and decent jobs in Somerset, and everywhere else where austerity has pushed local services to breaking point.

Blog: Our whole union stands with the Glasgow strikers

Today and tomorrow, thousands of women will be on strike to continue their long running campaign to win the equal pay they have been denied for too long. For twelve years they’ve fought for equal pay, and yet throughout Glasgow City Council have dragged their heels and failed to pay these incredible public service workers the wage they deserve.

Blog: Signing a charter – and ticking off a pledge

As more councils sign our Ethical Care Charter, thousands more care workers secure greater protection at work, better pay and more training

Blog: Victory for Bolton NHS workers

Everyone who works in the NHS has a vital role to play in our health service, and this strike action has shown that those subjected to the subco regime are still NHS workers, and willing to fight for the pay and conditions that entails.