General secretary’s blog

Fair Pay Fortnight begins today

A timely reminder of what five years of a Conservative/Liberal Democrat coalition government has meant for the pay packets of working people

The UK has some of the most draconian strike laws in the world

The UK already has tough laws on strikes – there is no need to make them stricter still

Voter registration: every vote really does count

This Thursday (5 February) is National Voter Registration Day: every missing vote could have an impact on who gets the keys to Downing Street

Our members will have their say

This week’s pay offer for NHS staff in England has brought two issues into sharp focus …

The attack on public services

There is no question that public service workers are still paying a heavy price for the recklessness of the bankers all those years ago

The damage Tory cuts are doing to the NHS

The time has come for the Tories to finally begin sorting out the underlying issues in the NHS, which include the major dispute over pay

Happy New Year

I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year.

Christmas and New Year message

2014 was a big year for UNISON – and 2015 looks set to be even bigger.   As we mark the Christmas holiday and the start of a new year, I can’t help reflecting on the sacrifices our members are making every day to keep vital services going in the face of cuts and pay […]

Decent jobs week

Millions of us are trapped in low-paid, insecure jobs and failing to benefit from the so-called economic recovery

Yet more government-induced hunger pains

Earlier this year I questioned why people in the sixth richest country in the world were becoming increasingly dependant on food banks. It’s heartbreaking to be asking the same question in the lead up to Christmas

Little faith in autumn statement

I have very little faith that the chancellor’s autumn statement will bring any relief for workers

Stars in our schools

In schools across the UK, UNISON is promoting the tireless contribution of the 250,000 support staff we are proud represent

A big thanks to NHS members

We must keep up the pressure on the government, and Jeremy Hunt in particular, so that they implement the pay body’s recommendation

Congratulations on a sustained pay campaign

The fight to end poverty pay among our local government and school support staff must go on

Congratulations to our Care UK members

Our Care UK members in Doncaster must be congratulated on the success of their sustained strike action