Prioritising Women’s Health in the Workplace

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2024 National Women's Conference
13 October 2023

Conference believes that too often, women’s health is treated as private, and that the ‘world of work’ is still not designed with women workers in mind, meaning policies aimed at addressing health issues do not respond to actual need.

Health issues arising from menopause, menstruation, or conditions such as endometriosis, continue to adversely impact women’s working lives.

Conference further believes that gendered health considerations should be a core part of workplace health and safety initiatives.

Conference calls on the National Women’s Committee to:

• investigate and report on the needs of women workers in relation to hormonal fluctuations including menopause and menstruation, and other conditions such as endometriosis

• create guidance for branches on how to negotiate for improved policy and workplace guidance / support measures that meet these health needs, to enable dignity at work for women.