Pregnancy and Family Leave

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2024 National Women's Conference
13 October 2023

Pregnancy and Family Leave

In May 2023, the ‘Protection from Redundancy (Pregnancy and Family Leave) Act’ received royal assent.

When it comes into force, the Act will modify the existing Employment Rights Act 1996 and introduce essential safeguards during pregnancy or family leave.

It will give those who are pregnant or a recent returner from parental leave priority status for redeployment opportunities in a redundancy situation.

We know that 78% of our members identify as women and it is important that anyone who is pregnant or planning a family understands their rights when it comes to pregnancy and family leave in the workplace.

Our regions, branches, stewards and H&S reps need to be made aware of the proposed changes to assist them to provide the most up-to-date advice available on pregnancy and family leave entitlements when supporting members.

We call on the National Women’s Committee to:

· Produce a fact sheet to explain the changes and what parents are entitled to when the Act becomes law.

· Share the fact sheet with Regions, Branches and Womens Officers to raise awareness of the new entitlements.

· Work with LAOS to develop a training package for Regions to deliver to branches to cascade a consistent message to reps