Amendment to Rule Option 1

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2023 National Retired Members Conference
14 June 2023
Carried as Amended

Conference wishes the following to be considered as one of the choices for the two motions and/or amendments to Rule to be submitted by the Retired Members’ Organisation to National Delegate Conference 2024 in accordance with Rule D.1.10.4:

“Rule D – Structure of the union at national level.

In Rule D.2 – National Executive Council

In D,2.1, insert “two retired members’ seats” between “young members seats” and “and two disabled members’ seats”.


Insert new Rule between existing D.2.5 and D.2.6 to read:

‘D 2.6 Retired Members’ Seats

There will be an additional two representative, at least one of which must be a woman, for Retired Members elected from a national constituency of retired members in all regions.

No member shall be a candidate for election to the Retired Members’ seats unless she/he.

1.?is a retired member when the period of office starts as set out in Rule D.2.7.1

2.?has received two nominations from any branch or regional retired members’ groups or the National Retired Members’ Committee.

Retired Members’ representatives shall be entitled to vote on any issue not relating to the pay and conditions of members in employment in accordance with the provisions of Rule C.2.6.3

A Retired Members’ representative who returns to paid employment (as defined in Rule C.2.6.2) will cease to be a representative upon taking up such employment.’

And renumber subsequent sections of Rule D.2 accordingly.”