Trust and Confidence

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2023 Police & Justice Service Group Conference
27 September 2023

Conference condemns the comments of the Home Secretary and her attack on LGBT+, women asylum seekers and multiculturalism in her speech 26th September 2023. As the government department responsible for policing, we believe that this rhetoric undermines the confidence in policing and risks damaging the hard work and effort of generations of Police Staff, who have been involved in community engagement and the development of trust between the police service and diverse communities.

The job of policing is far more complicated than just dealing with crime, policing is based on consent and the support and confidence of the public we serve. Policing has developed an understanding of the needs of diverse communities over decades and are rightly proud of our achievements.

As Police Staff we cannot condone this vicious rhetoric as it reflects on us all as representatives of a public service that should be welcoming and supportive of diverse communities.

Conference calls on the SGE to:

• Make representations to the Home office condemning the comments

• Raise our concern with the policing minister

• Work with UNISON’s LGBT+, Women’s and Black members SOGs in challenging the rhetoric

• Liaise with Labour Link to represent Police Staff commitment to diverse communities