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2023 Police & Justice Service Group Conference
8 June 2023
Carried as Amended

Conference notes that many thousands of people are waiting for life changing and life saving organ donation. Since 1 June 2023, the law around organ donation has changed from an opt-in to an opt-out system.

It is hoped that this change will increase the number of organs donated. Whilst the majority of organs used for transplantation occurs after the person has died, you can choose to donate a kidney or part of your liver as a living organ donor.

Conference believes as many barriers to providing living organ donations as possible should be removed. The impact of having to take sick or other types of leave from employment may be a barrier for some.

Conference calls on the Police and Justice Service Group Executive to:

1)Support a campaign in the Police, Probation and CAFCASS to seek to negotiate improvements to sickness absence policies to recognise the social benefits of living organ donations, and remove sickness absence arising from living organ donation from normal sickness absence recording.

The aim would be for those employees who are willing and able to donate not to suffer a detriment for doing so.