Taking Effective Action within the Straitjacket of Anti-Union Laws

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2023 National Delegate Conference
13 February 2023

Conference condemns the worsening restrictions of the right to strike in Britain with the draconian Minimum Services Bill which gives the government the power to set minimum service levels for border security, education, fire, health, nuclear decommissioning and transport services. This will empower employers to issue a ‘work notice’ which will identify the employees required to work during strike action in order to provide that minimum service level.

Conference reaffirms the basic principles for industrial action ballots strategy agreed in Motion 109 at 2022 UNISON National Delegate Conference.

Conference applauds the success of branches, sectors and service groups in winning ballot mandates and delivering industrial action notably in the Environment Agency, Higher Education, the National Health Service, in particular ambulance services.

Conference welcomes and supports creative strategies meeting with ballot success such as disaggregate ballots, targeted action and proceeding, where appropriate, to an industrial action ballot without a consultative ballot where a service group or sector considers it is strategically advantageous to do so and there is sufficient reason to be confident of delivering a legally compliant ballot that exceeds the Trade Union Act thresholds in Great Britain.

Conference calls on the National Executive Council to:

1)Devise and roll out across the 12 regions and nations, UNISON training courses for all activists on how to organise industrial action ballots and win disputes, adjusting where appropriate for devolved public services, bargaining and employment law regulations;

2)Examine and explore the organising methods used in both local and national trade union ballots that have surpassed the 50 percent ballot thresholds in Great Britain recent times;

3)Make recommendations on which methods of organising are key to holding successful industrial action ballots.