Food Standards Agency – pay, terms and conditions

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2023 National Local Government Service Group Conference
10 February 2023

Conference notes that our members employed in England, Wales and Northern Ireland by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) work tirelessly to ensure the public eats safe and clean meat, dairy and seafood. Their pay, terms and conditions need urgent improvement to reward that commitment.

Conference also notes the contributions FSA members and those employed as contractors working for Eville & Jones make towards protecting the UK from unsafe and unclean meat.

Conference calls upon the Service Group Executive to continue to defend our members’ terms and conditions by:

1)Negotiating for higher wages for our members through collective bargaining;

2)Promoting opportunities for our members to learn new skills and support their roles within the FSA;

3)Organising in new areas of the FSA to maintain membership, recruit in non-traditional roles, and encourage more members to become active in the union;

4)Opposing privatisation and deregulation of meat hygiene inspection;

5)Opposing attempts to undermine the roles of our members working in food and promoting the Protect Our Food Campaign;

6)Raising the role of FSA members in the media through innovative new communication methods, e.g. animations, to inform and educate the public on what our members do in protecting the UK food chain.