Empowering our reps in the fight against outsourcing

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2023 National Local Government Service Group Conference
17 February 2023

Outsourcing and privatisation of local government services has almost zero benefit to the way that they are run but it can often have a disastrous effect on the quality of the services being provided. It also comes with a higher risk of workers receiving poorer wages and terrible terms and conditions, whilst lining the pockets of private company shareholders.

Conference notes that some councils are currently in a position where most of their services are delivered in-house and that this is a positive position to be in.

Conference also notes that if we are to see this model become the norm for every local authority, we need our reps trained around the benefits of keeping public services in-house. We need training which is accessible to any UNISON local government rep, and we need it to provide support on how to counteract arguments made by local authorities seeking to out-source or privatise services.

We recognise that reps must be empowered and feel confident to be able to tackle this vital issue at its core and that UNISON training delivered around the issue would benefit branches, members and ultimately those receiving public services.

If we truly believe that public services should be run for people, not for profit and we need to level up in the fight against outsourcing.

Conference calls on the Local Government Service Group Executive to:

1)Develop and roll-out training for Local Government branches, with evidence-based research, around the issue of outsourcing and how branches can negotiate around securing in-house services;

2)Seek to ensure that the ‘Branch Guide to securing in-house services’ guide remains up-to-date and relevant to the current climate and promote the to all Local Government branches.