Women and neurodiversity in the workplace

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2023 National Disabled Members' Conference
7 July 2023

Conference notes that neurodiverse women still fail to get the support they need in the workplace because of out-dated and sexist stereotypes.

Conference further notes that UNISON subscribes to the social model of disability and as such we focus on breaking down barriers and identifying ways of changing the working environment to make it accessible for neurodiverse people.

However, there is a huge lack of understanding about neurodiversity, particularly in relation to women, and there is a place for separate and specific UNISON guidance on neurodiversity in the workplace that includes the barriers faced by neurodiverse women.

Conference instructs the National Disabled Members Committee to:

1)Consider working with neurodiverse members to develop guidance on neurodiversity in the workplace, which includes specific reference to the challenges faced by women workers with neurodiverse conditions

2)Continue to publicise and promote UNISON’s ‘Proving Disability and Reasonable Adjustments’ guide.