Neurodiversity Awareness

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2023 National Disabled Members' Conference
26 May 2023
Carried as Amended

Despite the increasing recognition of neurodiversity, many people with neurodivergent conditions continue to face significant challenges in their daily lives. These challenges include stigma, discrimination, and a lack of understanding and support from society at large. This can lead to negative outcomes, such as unemployment, social isolation, and poor mental health.

The purpose of this motion is to raise awareness about neurodiversity and its importance in promoting a more inclusive and accepting society. By increasing awareness and understanding of neurodiversity, we can reduce stigma and discrimination and create a more supportive environment for people with neurodivergent conditions. Members have voiced a fear of revealing their neurodiversity as many have found that after years of working in a post they suddenly find themselves undergoing capacity at work.

This Conference calls on the National Disabled Members Committee to take the following actions in the next year;

1)Encourage employers to provide training and resources on neurodiversity and how to support individuals with neurodivergent conditions.

2)Promote the inclusion of neurodiverse individuals in all aspects of society, including education, employment, and social activities.

3)Advocate for policies and practices that support neurodiversity, such as accommodations in the workplace and educational initiatives.

4)Raise awareness through public events, social media campaigns and educational initiatives.

By embracing neurodiversity, we can build a more diverse, creative and compassionate world that benefits us all.