Make our union documents and language inclusive to national reading age of 9

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2023 National Disabled Members' Conference
21 June 2023
Carried as Amended

Conference notes that GOV.UK recommends that written communication is aimed at a reading age of 9 for readability.

As a union we use many terms and specific language that people outside the union don’t use every day and don’t always understand.

When a disabled person joins the union it is like being in a place where everyone speaks a different language. This can make it harder to recruit and retain new members.

With so many non-visible disabilities including people who may have more difficulties processing written or heard information it is time to change.

Why do we expect new members and activists to learn so many new terms and ways of doing things, when at its heart democracy should be accessible to all.

Conference calls on the National Disabled Members Committee to work with the NEC to:

1. Bring UNISON’s language and terminology in line with the national reading age and everyday language use as advised by GOV.UK

2. Create national access standards for all documents, conferences and communication that make unison an example of how to lead the way in inclusion of all disabled workers.