Supporting regional development in Community

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2023 National Community Conference and Seminar
8 November 2022

Conference notes that it is a UNISON Rule Book commitment to establish Regional Community Service Group Committees under Rule D3.6. The criteria for representation being:

Branches with 100+ Community members are entitled to nominate 2 delegates to the committee (at least one of whom must be female).

Branches with 50-100 Community members are entitled to nominate 1 delegate and branches with less than 50 Community Service Group members are entitled to group with other branches to nominate a joint delegate.

Regional Self-Organised Group Committees are entitled to nominate 1 delegate who must be a member of the Community Service Group.

Conference further notes that this formal structure is not consistent throughout UNISON’s nations/regions for a number of factors including levels of engagement, development and other regional Community structures such as region-wide geographical Community branches.

Conference believes that it is a primary function of the Service Group Executive to both share good practice and assist in the development of regional structures which enable Community members to determine their own strategic priorities and formally input into the decision making processes and organising agendas of their respective regions.

Conference therefore calls on the Community Service Group Executive:

a) To share good practice with regions on the various types of regional structure that exist.

b) To work with regions to facilitate the most effective forms of regional forum which ensures branch engagement and representation from branches with Community members.

c) To develop strategies to support the development of Regional Community Service Group structures which are appropriately funded and resourced.