Proportionality within UNISON

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2022 Virtual National Women's Conference
15 October 2021
Carried as Amended

UNISON rules and guidance provides for the principles of proportionality and fair representation to be observed in UNISON elections and delegations.

The UNISON rule book defines proportionality as the representation of women and men in fair proportion to the relevant number of female and male members comprising the electorate (2.14.2)

The UNISON rule book defines fair representation as the broad balance of representation of members of the electorate, taking into account such factors as age and low pay, the balance between full time and part time workers, manual and non-manual workers, different occupations, skills, race, sexual orientation, disability and gender identity (2.14.3).

Conference, it is vital that our union is reflective of our membership. Despite significant efforts, there are many areas of our union where there is further work to be done to achieve this.

We ask the national women’s committee to:

1)Work with regional committees and regional women’s committees to review structures at regional and branch level and create a report on proportionality.

2)Support branches and regions with how to achieve proportionality in all areas.

3)Report back at the 2023 women’s conference on progress made around proportionality within our structures.