Make 2022 the Year of Disabled Workers in WET workplaces

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2022 Water, Environment & Transport Conference
22 February 2022

Conference notes that UNISON has declared 2022 the year of disabled workers, which is a great opportunity for WET branches to organise, bargain and campaign on the issues that matter to our disabled members and to increase recruitment and retention as a result.

WET branches can use 2022 to highlight the experience of our disabled members, the value they bring to our union and to WET workplaces, and to negotiate improved policies with WET employers, including reasonable adjustment passports and disability leave policies.

Conference notes the resources available on the UNISON website, including:

1)Reasonable Adjustment Bargaining Guide, including model policy and ‘passport’

2)Disability Leave bargaining guide

3)Stewards guides to representing disabled members and to representing Deaf (BSL user) members

4)Quick Guides to Access to Work and to Reasonable Adjustments

5)Becoming a branch disabled members officer

Conference calls on the service group executive to work with the National Disabled Members Committee to:

a)Include the Year of Disabled Workers in their ongoing work programme

b)Promote the year of Disabled Workers to WET regions and branches, encouraging them to include work in this area in their work plans for the year

c)Encourage all WET branches to elect a branch disabled members officer and promote UNISON’s national training on becoming a branch disabled members’ officer

d)Include reasonable adjustment passports and disability leave policies on the national negotiating agendas with WET employers