Early Miscarriage Misery

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2020 National Women's Conference
22 October 2019
Carried as Amended

Women�s conference notesEarly miscarriage happens in the first trimester of a woman�s pregnancy.Many employers do not recognise early miscarriage under their sickness procedure.Figures gathered by the Miscarriage Association show that 250,000 women in the UK suffer from a miscarriage. This equates to 1 in 4 women.The signs of a miscarriage differ to each person but the following are the main signs of miscarriage:;Bleeding, which may be very heavy ;Abdominal pain which maybe severe;Faintness and even collapse; this is most likely with an �ectopic� pregnancy�a life-threatening condition where an embryo starts to grow outside the womb. ;In contrast, some women have no symptoms at all and only find out their unborn babies have died at a routine ante natal appointment. In such cases the actual miscarriage maybe delayed for days or even weeks.Women�s conference believesEmployers should put guidance in place to help people that suffer an early miscarriage.They should also produce guidance which offers advice to people who want to support team members who are experiencing the loss of a baby. It should include basic principles, such as what to do if a team member starts to lose their baby at work, what you should (and shouldn�t) say to them, and some practical advice on taking leave, in line with advice from the miscarriage Association.This conference asks the National Women�s Committee.1)To issue guidance for Branches on how early miscarriage can impact on women and what employers could do to be supportive in the workplace.2)Write a Model Policy that Branches can take to employers