Branch Structures

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2020 Community Conference and Seminar
16 October 2019

Conference notes that highly effective recruitment and organising in Community can be carried out by branches organised in different ways.

Conference recognises that dedicated Community Branches in Cymru/Wales, West Midlands and Northern Ireland have had considerable success in improving services to members and boosting recruitment and organising.

Conference further notes, that other regions like the North West, have undertaken wide ranging on-going consultation exercises with their branches to determine what types of structures and approaches need to be in place to meet the challenges of the changing trade union organisational landscape.

Conference recognises that there is no �one size fits all� solution to the challenges posed by organising in the Community Service Group, but wishes to be reassured that all UNISON regions across the UNISON�s nations/regions have given full consideration to the structures surrounding Community members and how they might be better tailored to meet these challenges.

Conference therefore calls on the Community Service Group Executive to:

1. Consult with every UNISON region and devolved nation to encourage active consideration the structures used to organise community members, particularly Community Branches

2. Consult with every UNISON region and devolved nation to ensure UNISON regions and branches are aware of the frustrations of some Community members in being unable to access UNISON services as quickly and easily as they should be able to.