We Are Still Standing

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2019 National Women's Conference
25 October 2018
Carried as Amended

This conference fully recognises the huge impact 10 years of austerity have had on the lives of our women members and their families. However there have been many success stories across our service groups in UNISON where our women members have had victories. Some of these may be small or large victories but all demonstrate the power we have as a collective force in our workplaces. It would be empowering for us to see this published as a piece of work to highlight the benefits of being a woman member in UNISON. They may have tried to break us but 10 years on from austerity starting we are still standing.

Conference calls upon the Women’s Committee to:

1. Write to every branch, region and SOG to ask what victories they would like to share from their branches, regions and SOGs. Then collate this information to be made available to share across our union.

2. Then collate this information detailing the success stories of our Unison women in order that they can be made available to share across our union. Either by way of a published hard copy document or electronic copy.