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2019 National Women's Conference
19 October 2018
Carried as Amended

Conference notes that ‘Ask for Angela’ is a scheme instigated in Lincolnshire County Council in 2016, which has been endorsed and rolled out in other cities in the UK. The initiative provided a mechanism where women, who feel unsafe, uncomfortable or threatened on a date or a night out can approach the staff at the premises and use the code “Is Angela in?” to obtain assistance to help them get safely out of the situation, including ordering a taxi if necessary.

Conference calls upon National Women’s Committee (NWC) to:

• Raise awareness of the “Ask for Angela” scheme with service groups, young members, other national committees, labour link forum, regional women’s committees , other self organised groups, regionally and nationally.

• To work externally with the TUC, local authorities, Police and Crime Commissioners, directly elected Mayors, institutions of higher education and student unions

• To produce a briefing note, explaining the scheme, which can be shared as widely as possible within the union to raise awareness of the scheme

• To share PDFs of the campaign materials and invite a representative of “Ask for Angela” to address conference 2020 and have a stall and fringe event at a future conference

• Promote the facebook and twitter presence of “Ask for Angela”

• Encourage a consistent application of the scheme using the name Angela