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2019 National Retired Members Conference
11 June 2019
Carried as Amended

Conference notes with concern that in an ageing society the public transport system in the UK fails to meet the needs of older people. This is as a result of a reduction in bus services, lack of rural transport, rising fares, increased journey times and cancelled trains.

The inability to travel has a major impact on health and well-being. Lack of accessible transport acts as a barrier to independence and freedom of movement and increases loneliness, depression and social isolation especially in rural areas. This is made worse by the increased number of pensioners living alone and those who are less mobile needing assistance with travel on buses and trains. Those most adversely affected are the oldest, the poorest and those in poor health.

The lack of provision of adequate public transport results in older people struggling to go shopping and visit the bank or post office, attend doctor and hospital appointments, visit libraries, swimming pools, sports centres, community centres and churches, or meet and visit family and friends. The inability to maintain an active lifestyle has been shown to result in a massive decline in both physical and mental health.

Conference calls upon the National Retired Members’ Committee to:

1)Raise awareness of these issues with the National Executive Council, Environment and Transport Service Group Executive, the National Disabled Members’ Committee, Labour Link and the Trades Union Congress;

2)Continue to campaign with the above and with the National Pensioners’ Convention and Age UK for the retention of the bus pass;

3)Call for improvements to the provision of accessible and affordable public transport that will meet the needs of older people with other appropriate organisations including All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Ageing and Older People and transport providers.