Time for a Police Staff Mobile App

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2019 Police & Justice Service Group Conference
7 June 2019

Conference will note that since the introduction of the revised Police Staff Council Pay & Conditions of Service Handbook in April 2017 many of our members continue to struggle to understand their workplace rights.

Our members often have to make immediate decisions and will most likely not have quick access to the Handbook and Guide that explains their rights and the associated compensation for working beyond their contractual hours, working on a rest day and many other changes.

Conference believes that having quick access to the Handbook and quick referencing information can easily be achieved through the development of a mobile data application.

The app could also be used to ‘push out’ negotiated changes to the existing Handbook, provided consultation updates and other information vital to organising our members.

The vast majority of our members will already possess a smart phone where the app could be uploaded and readily available when they need it.

Conference calls upon the Service Group Executive (SGE) to discuss with appropriate UNISON communications staff to seek to develop a Police Staff app that will provide access to the above.