New Police Misconduct Regulations and their potential misapplication

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2019 Police & Justice Service Group Conference
25 September 2019

Conference is concerned by the introduction and application of the new police misconduct regulations 2019 (currently in draft form) due to reach royal ascent in January 2020. These regulations seek to take Police Staff into the police misconduct process and there is genuine concern that local forces will attempt to amend police staff misconduct procedures to bring them into line with the new procedures.

The Police Staff Council England and Wales has an approved misconduct procedure negotiated by UNISON and the constituent unions and which is in use by a number of forces. This conference believes that the Police Staff Council is the best place to discuss and amend the Police Staff misconduct procedure. This is vitally important for our members, who must have a say in the process.

Conference therefore instructs the SGE to:

– Raise the matter with the PSC as a matter of urgency with a view to updating the PSC misconduct procedure.

– Seek to influence the implementation and application of the regulations within the forces of England and Wales through the PSC and by providing advice and guidance to branches.

– Campaign with England and Wales police branches on raising awareness of the PSC misconduct procedure.