Growing the Union

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2019 National Delegate Conference
25 February 2019
Carried as Amended

UNISON as the biggest trade union should be congratulated on achieving growth in 2018. The whole union recruitment campaign demonstrated what can be achieved when all parts of the union work together. The Northern region believes the union should commit to this type of organising approach as a regular event. A core part of our strength as a trade union is our commitment to equality which is central to UNISON’s aims and objectives. UNISON is clear that equality can never be an afterthought and we must always keep equality on all agendas by employing different organising strategies to counter the myth that equality is no longer an issue.

Conference also needs to recognise that outsourced members working in hospitals, schools and universities, women, Black, disabled, LGBT and migrant workers predominately experience prejudice and discrimination and inequality sometimes on a daily basis.

Continuous and effective organising of those members is crucial to identify and find solutions that collectively resolve problems.

Conference welcomes and congratulates the work of the UNISON National Strategic Organising Unit on organising and supporting outsourced workers facing inequality in the workplace.

Conference therefore calls on the National Executive Council to:

1)Ensure that whole union recruitment and organising initiatives such as Grovember become regular events and that good practice is shared;

2)Continue to strengthen the Joint Branch Assessments demonstrating partnership with branch and union staff also ensuring that adequate resources are available for organising around equality;

3)Continue to strengthen and develop strategies for reaching out and supporting workers facing inequality;

4)Ensure that the National Organising Equality Strategy is imbedded in all aspects of Branch structures;

5)Explore the setting up of a UNISON Organising Academy to train and support new and existing activists.