Working to protect the Human Rights of LGBT+ People around the world

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2019 National LGBT+ Conference
22 July 2019

Conference, ILGA (the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association) have just published their 2019 Sexual Orientation Laws across the world map. It makes alarming reading. There are still 6 countries in the world with the death penalty for being gay, 26 where you can get 10 years in prison and 31 where you can get up to 8 years imprisonment.

More still needs to be done to make sure that these draconian laws are repealed in these countries and that the rights of LGBT+ people are protected and promoted all over the world.

Conference welcomes the Foreign and Commonwealth Office announcement that in June 2019 the UK has taken over as chair of the Equal Rights Coalition (ERC) jointly with Argentina until 2021. The aim of the ERC is to protect the human rights of LGBT people around the world. It is the first intergovernmental network formed to promote and protect the human rights of LGBT people around the world. There are currently 42 member states.

The ERC’s membership works with civil society to share their National policies and practices on this agenda. The ERC co-chairs will host an international conference in London in 2020 that seeks to address the key issues facing global LGBT equality.

Conference, the issue of tackling international homophobia must be an important priority for the National LGBT+ committee and this conference urges it to adopt this issue as a major campaign focus, working with partners such as Amnesty International and ILGA. This campaign, where possible, should also involve branches and regions.

In addition, we urge the National LGBT+ Committee to:

1)Work with international Trades Union Congress (TUC) committees to campaign for the rights of LGBT+ people in countries of concern;

2)Work with affiliates to support LGBT+ activists in these countries, being guided by what the activists’ themselves determine they need;

3)Work with the TUC to continue to put pressure on the Government and the opposition, to raise concerns directly with leaders from these countries to end these human rights abuses of LGBT+ people worldwide, in particular at the conference that will be taking place in London in 2020.