Promoting Inclusion and Diversity in Sports

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2019 National LGBT+ Conference
25 July 2019
Carried as Amended

Conference notes that LGBT+ people continue to face discrimination and exclusion in areas of sport and face barriers in terms of accessing sport, both as a fan and as a participant.

People continue to be exposed to homophobic, biphobic and transphobic language, and although this might not always be directed at individuals this impacts on individual’s sense of well-being and self esteem, and makes them less likely to return to attend sporting events.

Many clubs do not have appropriate codes of conduct which highlight unacceptable behaviour and language in areas such as race but also make clear that homophobic, biphobic and transphobic language is unacceptable within sports stadiums.

Conference also notes as a community organisation and trade union UNISON has a unique position of influence over other community groups such as local sports clubs, especially those where employees are members of UNISON.

Conference calls on UNISON National LGBT+ Committee to:

Work with local branches to link in with local sports clubs to make them aware of the discrimination LGBT+ people may experience when they visit sports stadiums and participate in sport.

To encourage clubs to promote specific dates in LGBT+ calendar for example clubs taking part in their local pride and promote national campaigns such as Stonewalls Rainbow Laces campaign, to promote inclusion.

To encourage sports clubs to adopt a diversity and inclusion charter and provide appropriate training to support them to become more inclusive.

Submitted by: UNISON Scotland LGBT+ Committee