Promoting and Expanding LGBT+ Education in Schools

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2019 National LGBT+ Conference
22 July 2019

Conference, new statutory Government guidance was issued in 2019 for on Relationship and Sex Education (RSE). RSE covers a range of subjects including families, carers, friendships, relationships, sexual health, safety, consent, abuse, sex and love.

From September 2020, all primary schools will be required to teach relationships education and all secondary schools will be required to teach relationships and sex education which specifies teaching about respecting different types of people and families, including LGBT+ families. The new guidance is clear that children should be taught what is appropriate for their age and development stage.

LGBT+ inclusion is important for everyone. 10% of young people will identify as LGBT+ at some point in their lives. Including LGBT+ people and our families in education in schools means a better education for everyone, LGBT+ and non LGBT+ alike.

At Parkfield Community School in Birmingham anti LGBT protests have been taking place in response to the teaching of equality and diversity education.

In Prides across the country young people are increasingly present and celebrating being who they are. Increasing numbers of schools are getting involved in Pride and in promoting equality and diversity in their schools. The progress that is being made in affirming young people to be who they are is incredibly important to their futures and for the future of us all. This progress in education in schools must continue and adoption of equality and diversity education in all schools along the RSE lines is critical, without exception.

Conference calls on the National LGBT+ Committee to campaign with other Unions and Labour Link, and raise awareness with our own UNISON members, to

• Raise awareness of LGBT+ relationships and families in the workplace

• Actively promote positive attitudes to LGBT+ people in the workplace

• Actively promote inclusive policies in the workplace

• Celebrate key LGBT+ dates and increase LGBT+ visibility and inclusivity in the workplace.

• Show solidarity with, and work alongside, others to defend LGBT+ education if it comes under attack.