Inclusive Language

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2019 National LGBT+ Conference
25 July 2019
Carried as Amended

This conference would like to acknowledge and give thanks to the essential work carried out by UNISON on respecting and promoting reproductive rights, tackling period poverty and raising menopausal awareness.

However, in many of the motions produced around these issues, we continue to see a use of exclusionary language.

Motions often make reference to “women and girls”, without taking into consideration that these issues also affect our members who identify as trans, under our inclusive umbrella term.

The Trans Caucus is aware that our National LGBT+ Committee continues to speak out on our behalf, raising awareness on this issue, for which we share our most heartfelt gratitude.

But we feel we need to do more to ensure inclusive language becomes the standard.

This conference calls upon the National LGBT+ Committee to:

1)Liaise with the other UNISON National Self Organised Groups (SOG’s) and Service Groups to raise awareness of this issue.

2)Provide clear guidance to other SOG’s and Service Groups why this issue is so important to members of the trans community.

3)To approach and attempt to engage in a dialogue with National Women’s Committee to seek support of inclusive language and to work together in challenging this gender stereotypical language.

4)Liaise with Labour Link to engage in constructive dialogue promoting the use of inclusive language, which can then be used to demonstrate our inclusivity to the Labour Party, leading by example.