Awareness of Access To Work

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2019 National Disabled Members' Conference
9 July 2019
Carried as Amended

Access to Work aims to support disabled people start or stay in work, providing financial and practical support. We believe awareness of this programme is lacking amongst some members, especially if you’re new to disability, meaning our members may not be getting the support they need to stay in work and reach their potential.

Conference Notes that Access to Work also runs a mental health support service for employees working in Scotland, England and Wales to support individuals who are experiencing difficulties at work due to depression, anxiety, stress and/or other mental health conditions. Support is available for nine months to help the individual get back on track.

Conference calls on NDMC to review, update where necessary and publicise UNISON’s guidelines for branches to help them support their disabled members in accessing the National Access to Work Programme and other relevant local, regional and national support programmes including mental health support.