Standing Up for Fair Pay for CVS Workers in Commissioned Services

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2019 Community Conference and Seminar
2 November 2018
Carried as Amended

Community conference welcomes the recent nationally negotiated pay deals for Local Government and the NHS giving many public service workers deserved pay rises. However, many members in the Community and Voluntary Sector (CVS) work for employers who are held in long-term contracts with the public sector, with no annual or inflationary uplifts built into those contracts. Employers are then either unable or unwilling to give pay rises whilst inflation reduces the real value of those contracts.

Consequently, many CVS staff nationally have received little or no cost-of-living pay rises in the last nine years. As a result, many members in the CVS are struggling financially and real income is falling relative to their Local Government and NHS comrades. Conference believes that this unfair situation needs to be remedied.

This conference, therefore, resolves to call upon the Community Service Group Executive to:-

1)Lobby UNISON Labour Link, the NEC and other stakeholders, political parties in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, including politicians responsible for Local Government and NHS, for extra funding for contracts to have annual uplifts.

2)Instigate a campaign along the lines of the Pay Up Now campaign but that includes the needs of CVS employees who work for employers that are commissioned by the public sector.

3)Liaise with UNISON’s national Local Government and NHS Pay Negotiators and Service Groups around this issue to ensure our CVS members are not forgotten.

4)Call upon the regions to analyse the situation for CVS employees who work for organisations that are commissioned by the Public Sector.