Mentoring and Developing Women

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2018 National Women's Conference
27 September 2017

Unison is committed to proportionality for women but the reality is that in many branches this does not happen. By the time women have done their jobs, looked after the children and their homes, checked on their elderly parents and helped with homework, there is little time to sit and map out what they need to do to develop their careers in Unison.

Unison has a lot of training and education that is targeted specifically at women however there is no one-stop shop that takes women wishing to develop in the branch from confidence building to running the branch and developing a campaign for election to committees and national level. This is badly needed to ensure proportionality in branches and to provide wider choice in succession planning and competition for committees.

Providing a comprehensive mentoring and development plan for women will enable women to receive the appropriate education and advice to enable them to participate at all levels within branches, regions and nationally.

We ask National Women’s Committee to

1)Work with LAOS to create women specific training and mentoring programmes as well as creating an easy access site for the programmes and training.

2. Work with regional women’s networks to implement a plan of action to encourage more women members to become involved in the union at all levels.

3. Work with other such Unison bodies as they deem necessary to provide a comprehensive and accessible mentoring and development scheme for women that will assist with proportionality and succession planning for our union.