Effective rights for part time and flexible workers.

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2018 National Women's Conference
28 September 2017

Conference notes that there is now a legal right for any worker to request flexible working. However it is not clear that it has resulted in any significant improvement in access to flexible working for women, who represent the majority of people who request flexible working. This is set to increase as women have to work longer and continue to take on caring responsibilities at a later age when their own health is more likely to deteriorate.

This includes, but is not limited to reducing hours, term time only working, and ensuring rest days at regular intervals.

Conference deplores the lack of clear information being made available by employers and seeks to raise awareness and knowledge of people’s right to a healthy work-life balance.

Conference calls upon:

• The National Women’s Committee to organise a piece of research to determine the true impact of the extended right to request flexible working on women workers

• To organise campaign materials around those issues for use in workplaces

• To publish any research findings.