The role of markets in delivering Water Services

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2018 Water, Environment & Transport Conference
23 February 2018

Conference notes that Ofwat in their publication Water 2020 have declared an intention to look to promote markets to deliver services in Water Resources and Bio-resources. Following the collapse of Carillion and the ramifications on public services is it not clear that a ‘markets’ based strategy could have similar devastating consequences for both the public health of the country and the livelihoods of our members who work in the industry.

This Conference calls upon the Service Group Executive to;

1. Clarify its position on the use of markets in the water industry.

2. Ask Ofwat what protections they have in place to protect customers and our members’ jobs to avoid another ‘Carillion fiasco’.

3. Consider holding a workshop at the next WET seminar to explore in more detail what the impacts could be on service to customers and our members terms and conditions.