The privatisation experiment has failed….now what?

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2018 Police & Justice Service Group Conference
22 June 2018

Conference will be aware that from the very beginnings of the Transforming Rehabilitation (TR) experiment, we have warned against the dangers of introducing a privatised model into Probation delivery services.

It is now absolutely clear that this model has failed and has resulted in a diminished service for both our service users and for our communities.

The Justice Select Committee report published on the 22 June 2018 has stated that the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) has to undertake a Probation Review to consider alternative models for Probation to replace TR.

In order for any future model to be successful it is crucial that it involves the views and the expertise of practitioners.

We also know that it is only a matter time before we have a Labour government in place.

We therefore call on the Service Group Executive to work with Labour Link in order to keep the views of our members, those that actually do the work, at the top of the agenda of any future Justice ministers and to influence the future probation review.