Police Staff Council Pay and Reward Review Part 2

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2018 Police & Justice Service Group Conference
20 June 2018
Carried as Amended

Conference welcomes the start of work on the Police Staff Council Pay and Reward Review Part 2.

Conference notes that:

1)The terms of reference for Part 2 of the Review cover how police staff basic pay is determined and administered by forces, the relationship between police staff pay and workforce reform in the widest sense and an equality impact assessment of any proposed changes to come out of the review;

2)Police forces have now been surveyed to gather comprehensive pay and grading data to inform Part 2 of the Review;

3)The Police Reform Board has charged the Service to develop proposals for a new pay and reward framework;

4)The National Police Chiefs Council (NPCC) ‘Vision 2025’ seeks the ‘….right reward and recognition outcomes for police officers and staff…’;

5)The College of Policing Workforce Transformation Programme covers a range of initiatives each of which will impact on the pay and conditions of police staff pay going forward, including: apprenticeships, advanced practitioners, new entry routes in to policing, a Licence to Practice and the Police Education and Qualification Framework (PEQF);

6)The Home Office, NPCC and College of Policing are developing a new pay and reward framework for police officers.

Conference recognises that this is a complex employee relations environment and one in which UNISON will need to be vigilant in order to protect the interests of our police staff members in England and Wales.

Conference therefore calls upon the Service Group Executive to:

a)Keep branches and members fully informed as Part 2 of the Review unfolds;

b)Seek to ensure that any proposed changes to the terms of reference for the review are the subject of consultation with branches and members;

c)Seek to ensure that police staff are not bypassed, or overlooked, in the workforce transformation process;

d)Seek to ensure that, in recognition of the fact that police staff make up 40% of the police workforce, any new funding for police pay reform is distributed fairly across the entire workforce.