Formalising the link between UNISON and the LGBT police network

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2018 Police & Justice Service Group Conference
21 June 2018

UNISON has always appreciated and worked with allies, whether individuals, or organisations, but most of these have been external to members’ places of work.

The National Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Police Network started from the Gay Police Association, and for over 30 years has worked with forces to encourage diversity and to fight against LGBT inequality in the workplace.

Fighting for LGBT equality, encouraging diversity, ensuring that there are policies in place to protect our LGBT members are what UNISON and the national LGBT committee campaign for. We know that some of our LGBT members in the police sector are also members of the National LGBT Police network.

Conference, the national LGBT committee believe that we could be much more powerful and effective if we worked together.

We believe that we gain more by joining our allies and ‘Speaking in UNISON’.

Conference calls on the national Police and Justice Service Group Executive committee to:

1)Formulate a strategic plan to engage with the National LGBT police network and established local LGBT police networks;

2)Work with local LGBT police networks to develop a common approach that brings all parties to the table when developing equality strategies, and policies;

3)Conduct research with local LGBT police networks to identify good practice in terms of equality and diversity policies and procedures in order to ‘spread the word’, and challenge those forces who are lagging behind.