Achieving pay equality for women in the police service

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2018 Police & Justice Service Group Conference
22 June 2018

Conference welcomes the start of Part 2 of the Police Staff Council (PSC) Pay and Reward Review Part 2 which will look at how police staff basic pay is determined by forces in England and Wales and whether such arrangements remain fit for purpose. The review will look at job evaluation and pay and grading systems in forces.

Conference also welcomes the recent survey of police forces in England and Wales to gather the necessary pay data to inform the Review, and in particular to help the Review examine the relative pay position of male and female police staff, of full and part time workers, black police staff and police staff who are disabled.

Conference recognises that equal pay considerations will lie at the heart of Part 2 of the PSC Pay and Reward Review. Conference is aware that some police forces in England and Wales have not carried out a full job evaluation of police staff roles for many years and that the Review will provide an opportunity to examine whether police force pay and grading systems are equality proofed.

Conference notes that the recent publication of gender pay gap data for police forces in England and Wales indicates that women are being paid less than men across the board.

Conference recognises that women make up 60% of the police staff workforce. Conference is also aware that a recent financial survey of our police staff members in England and Wales indicated that 30% of members are the primary wage earner in a single income household and 38% are the primary wage earner in a joint income household. So it is clear that many of our women members in the police service are the main breadwinner and it is essential that they are paid fairly.

In light of the above, Conference calls upon the Service Group Executive to work with the Police Staff Council Sector Committee for England and Wales and the National Womens Committee to:

1)Prioritise equal pay in Part 2 of the Police Staff Council Pay and Reward Review;

2)Seek to ensure that all proposals coming out of the Review are fully equality impact assessed.