Trade Union Facilities

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2018 Local Government Service Group Conference
19 February 2018
Carried as Amended

Conference notes motion 16 passed at NDC conference 2016 instructed the NEC to:

“Work with Labour Link to campaign to defend facility time, briefing individual elected politicians at all levels, developing model motions for councils – making it clear that attacked on facility time are particularly unacceptable from Labour councils – and pushing for debates in the UK parliament and the parliaments and assemblies of the devolved nations.”

Conference also notes the protocols agreed between UNISON and the Labour party in the Labour Local Government Trade Union Principles 2017 document, including:

“Labour Councils will publicly and actively oppose the undermining of trade unions”.

Conference also notes that academisation of schools and outsourcing of local government sources have led to an increasing and significant number of local government and schools members being employed by private employers. These employers frequently make no financial contribution to facility time funding, placing that facility time at further risk.

Conferences calls on the SGE to:

1)Carry out a full review of facility time arrangements in local government;

2)Carry out a review of how schools facility time is supported by employers;

3)Publish the outcome of the reviews and make them available to all union activists by local government conference 2019;

4)Make recommendations on these findings by local government conference 2019;

5)Provide all possible support to any local government branch being threatened with reduction of facility time.