Organising Occupational Groups

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2018 Local Government Service Group Conference
20 February 2018

UNISON Renfrewshire recently held a successful summit for additional support needs assistants and home care staff. The purpose of the summit was to bring together two different occupational groups affected by similar issues, in this case administration of medicines, grading and working conditions. The Scottish Trades Union Congress was also involved in the event.

Following the summit, the damning results of a questionnaire put to members on the day and subsequent press releases forced the employer to the negotiating table and a working group has been established to address the issues.

The main benefit of the summit was establishing a network of members from different occupational groups working together for a common cause. Positive outcomes included the recruitment of new stewards, members and those attending signed up to a “Do one thing” postcard committing to carry out a pre-set task. These postcards were later sent back to members reminding them of their undertaking.

Conference calls on the local government service group executive to:

1)Explore other opportunities for bringing together different occupational groups to work together on common issue;

2)Provide guidance to branches on achieving similar success adopting this model;

3)Ask LGSGE recruitment working group to consider this as an organising and recruitment tool and publicise its success.