National Self-Organised Group Conferences – Representatives of Relevant Retired Members

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2018 National LGBT Conference
7 September 2018

Conference notes that, since Rule D7.8 was amended in 2014, the National Retired Members’ Organisation has sent two representatives of relevant retired members to each National Self-Organised Group (SOG) Conference.

It further notes that the Retired Members’ National Committee (RMNC) has chosen these representatives, in effect substituting itself for the relevant members, but Conference thinks it would be better if, in future, relevant retired members elected their own representatives to respective conferences.

For example, Conference thinks that the two representatives of retired lesbian, gay, bisexual & transgender (LGBT) members to LGBT Conference should be elected by retired LGBT members and that members who have not retired or who do not identify as LGBT should have no say.

Conference instructs the National Executive Council to consult RMNC and the SOG National Committees with a view to adopting or amending regulations, and/or taking other steps it deems appropriate, so these representatives be elected at Retired Members’ Conference either at the respective caucus or by a ballot of relevant delegates.