How to be a good ally to Bi People at Work

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2018 National LGBT Conference
27 July 2018
Carried as Amended

Conference applauds the work that was done by UNISON in developing the ‘How to be a good trans ally’ document, produced last year. The feedback on this document has been extremely positive and has showcased UNISON’s commitment to diversity and inclusion, supporting all of its members.

Conference is aware that for many within the trans community, they are facing unprecedented levels of hostility and this document contains much needed information, promoting support for our trans and non-binary siblings.

We do not wish to take anything away from the struggles of trans and non-binary members, but as members of the bi community, we would find a document similar to this, developed for the bi community, to be extremely useful in dispelling some of the myths about bi people and also a useful tool in gaining support from those who do not identify under the bi umbrella.

Members of the bi community face discrimination from heterosexual, lesbian and gay people alike and evidence suggest bi workers earn less than any other sexual orientation. They also report a lower satisfaction in life than any other sexual orientation. (Office for National Statistics 2017).

Biphobia is very different from homophobia. Often bi people are described as ‘not gay enough’, ‘greedy’ or ‘promiscuous’. Bi erasure is a real threat and members of the bi community are often ignored or marginalised.

Conference therefore calls on the national lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Committee to:

1)Acknowledge that a document of this nature would go a long way to supporting our bisexual members.

2)Raise the profile of biphobia by supporting the creation of a document to challenge discrimination of bi people within the workplace.