Pay restoration in Northern Ireland

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2018 Health Care Service Group Conference
8 December 2017

Conference notes that workers in the NHS in Northern Ireland are currently in a pay deficit.

All Agenda for Change pay bands are affected . The facts tell the story of a widening gap affecting not only current earning but pensions will also be poorer. At the end of 2017 a Band 2 worker at the top of their scale is paid £1,304 less per year than a Band 2 worker in Scotland. A Band 5 worker at the top of their scale in the same period is paid £854 less per annum than their equivalent in Scotland .This is unacceptable when all these workers are part of the whole UK NHS delivering high standards of care to the people.

Conference recognises that UNISON Northern Ireland is committed to re-establishing pay parity. The region has launched demands around pay restoration and this will form a large part of the regions’ campaigning work in the coming year .

Conference therefore calls upon the Health Service Group Executive to support our colleagues in their efforts to achieve pay restoration.