Training and Development for Lay Activists

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2018 Community Service Group Conference
7 November 2017

Conference notes the annual national training event for Community members facilitated by UNISON Learning and Organising Services (LAOS) which took place in Birmingham in October 2017 and its continued success in assisting to develop and empower our membership base.

Conference also notes that throughout UNISON nations/regions much innovative work has been undertaken in conjunction with LAOS to produce training and development packages which reflect the changing needs of Community members and which seek to address the regional/national differences in organising the disparate Community membership.

Conference further notes that in order to ensure UNISON training is responsive to the changing nature of Community employment and our membership base we must assist LAOS to continuously update and refine the training methods and practice utilised to assist our membership base to grow and develop.

Conference calls on the Service Group Executive to:

a) Place the issue of training and development at the centre of its work programme for 2018/19.

b) Consult with Regional Service Group Committees and Regional LAOS teams to establish what existing training and development course/packages are already in place and have been delivered at regional and branch levels.

c) In conjunction with the National LAOS office, collate the combined learning of Regional Service Group Committees and Regional LAOS teams to highlight new successful initiatives which can be replicated throughout UNISON’s regions/nations.

d) Circulate these findings with recommendations for model courses to Regional Service Group Committees.