Digital Organising Framework

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2018 Community Service Group Conference
7 November 2017

Conference notes the introduction by UNISON from 1st September 2017 of the new Digital Organising Framework which replaces the paper-based Joint Branch and Regional Assessment Process (JBRA) and that

It is intended to act as a discussion framework for a sit down conversation between a Regional Organiser and Branch Secretary (or Committee);

It is an entirely paperless online solution;

It has been designed specifically with accessibility in mind;

It aims to accommodate the diversity of situations within branches;

It automatically collates existing data held by the union to reduce the administrative burden for branches and regional administration;

It assists in the process of drafting action plans and budgeting.

Conference believes that in order for such initiatives to be successful branch committees need to have full and active participation in formulating the responses within the JBRA process. Frequently, due to the other pressures on Branch officers this is not always the case.

Conference also notes that the nationally issued guidance on the process allows for optional consultation with branch committees and does not make it a requirement.

Conference further believes that the inclusion and consultation of Community members and stewards in the JBRA can foster greater understanding amongst the Community membership of UNISON processes and the strategies put in place at local level to organise, support and develop our membership base.

Additionally, the JBRA is a mechanism by which Community stewards/branch committee members can positively influence the direction of their branch’s work with (and on behalf of) our membership through the setting of democratically determined and accountable budgets, objectives and ‘milestones’.

Conference calls on the Service Group Executive to:

a) Work with Regional Service Group Committees and branches to ensure that members at branch level are aware that the JBRA process is a key area in which stewards and branch committee members in Community can ensure that sector-specific organising and development objectives are included and actioned.

b) Work with Learning and Organising Services to ensure that training packages for Community members relating to branch organising include specific material relating to the JBRA process and how our members can make their voice heard within it.