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2017 National Women's Conference
11 October 2016
Carried as Amended

Safe travel for women

Conference will be aware that there has been some discussion regarding safe travel for women in the past year, in particular there have been concerns about the removal of train guards on some journeys placing females at an increased risk of unwanted attention and in more serious cases physical and sexual assault.

Since the EU referendum the number of xenophobic incidents has risen, this puts our most vulnerable women at risk of abuse

British transport police recorded that in the period of 2013/2014 the number of sexual offences against females was 624, this rose to 847 – a rise of 36% in 2014/15 as opposed to sexual offences against males which has decreased from 42 down to 37- a 12% reduction. with 2016 figures to be announced at time of writing the motion (1)

Conference, we are also concerned that lone women travellers are more open to unwanted attention by some male travellers.

There are two sides to the argument of segregation.

1) Women should not be forced into women only carriages

2) That a women’s decision for segregation is a personal choice that should be given

This issue is not something new and women only travel has been adopted in many countries throughout the world including Mexico, Egypt, India and many more with mixed success

Conference, women’s safety continues to be a matter of concern

This conference asks the national women’s committee to:

a) Carry out surveys by liaising with regions to identify whether women only travel is an issue for our members and if it is a subject UNISON should be campaigning for.